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7 Best Knives to Cut Butternut Squash (Updated List 2021)

Butternut squash looks similar to pumpkin but has an odd shape. It becomes difficult to cut winter squashes with your small knives. Most of the butternut squashes have a hard and rough surface. If you use small dull knives, then it can be dangerous and may cut your fingers.

You need a strong, sharp, large, sturdy chef knife to cut a Butternut squash. Your knife must be large enough to deal with the hard surface of the squash effortlessly. Here we will introduce the best knife to cut butternut squash and a peeler to remove the skin of the squash.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Knife for Butternut Squash?

It is important that you get a sharp, heavy-duty knife in order for it to be able to slice through this tough vegetable. A good way to check if your blade has enough weight behind it is by placing the palm of your hand on top of the spine and pushing down while trying to pull up on the handle. If your blade flexes or bends, then it won’t be strong enough and may not work well for cutting butternut squash.

Your knife must-have stainless steel blade with a razor-sharp edge. An ergonomic handle will help you to control your knife properly while cutting. Handle material can be Pakkawood or something else which ensures a more secure grip.

Size of the knife: Large chef knife.
Blade material: Stainless steel blade.
Handle: Ergonomic and easy to hold.

Best Knife for Cutting Butternut Squash (Updated List)

1. WUSTHOF Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

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Wusthof, a high-quality knife brand introduced this 8 inches chef’s knife long ago but this knife is one of the most popular chef knives till now.

A great combination of an ergonomic handle and sharp blade edge makes this knife price-worthy. This knife has the sharpest blade part which helps to slice Butternut squash easily.

All other kitchen tasks like slicing onions, vegetables, pumpkins can also be managed easily with less effort.

This german knife has a triple-riveted handle and high carbon stainless steel blade to last for a long time.

  • One of the best in the Wusthof classic series. 
  • High-quality blades can cut through the hard surface. 
  • Effective in difficult tasks. 
  • Serves multiple purposes.
BladeStainless Steel
Length of the blade8 inches
Handle length4.5 inches
FeaturesFull Bolster and Finger Guard

2. Global 8″ Chef’s Knife

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Global 8″ Chef’s Knife has a razor-sharp edge which is perfect for professional chefs. The blade can easily go through winter squash.

The blade of the Global 8″ Chef’s Knife is made of Cromova 18 stainless steel. This chef knife has a functional design with a great handle for a secure grip.

You must need a secure grip to cut the rough surface of any squash like pumpkin or butternut etc. This blade offers such kind of opportunity and ensures more workability.

This chef knife is a lightweight, well-balanced knife and pretty much easy to clean. The knife is well designed and looks amazing at a glance. You must collect this affordable chef knife as your squash cutter.

  • Ultra-lightweight and strong. 
  • Razor-sharp blade edge. 
  • More powerful and effective. 
  • Awesome design.
Blade length20 cm
Blade materialCromova 18 stainless steel
EdgeRazor Sharp Edge

3. Daddy Chef Knife 8 inch

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Daddy Chef Knife is made in Japan with a great Damascus pattern. This Daddy chef knife is made of VG10 Premium Steel which makes the hard chopping tasks easier.

You can grip the handle perfectly and enjoy cutting vegetables. This tool can be used for chopping any type of squash to make small pieces.

The daddy chef knife is easy to hold and Suitable for many difficult tasks. You will fall in love with this Daddy chef knife if you start to use it.

  • High-quality stainless steel blade. 
  • Moisture resistant and long-lasting. 
  • One of the most effective butternut squash slicer. 
  • Can be used for all kitchen tasks.
Blade length8 inches
Blade materialVG10 Premium Steel
HandleSandalwood handle
BrandDaddy chef


4. Mac Mighty Professional Chef’s Knife

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Mac Mighty Chef’s Knife is a Japanese knife that has a professional look. This Mac knife works well in some specific hard tasks for its super sharp blade edge.

This well-balanced knife is a giftable item to the dearest ones. The Pakkawood handle is amazing to grip and also provides more security.

Mac mighty knife has a thin blade that can go through any type of soft and hard surface. You don’t need to worry about this knife’s slicing ability and the blade’s quality.

  • Goes perfectly through sticky winter squash. 
  • Good item for everyday use. 
  • An awesome combination of blade and pakkawood handle.
Overall length12.63 inches
Thickness2.5 mm blade
Handle materialPakkawood handle

5. FANTECK 8 Inch Professional Chef Knife

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FANTECK Professional Chef Knife’s blade is made of high carbon stainless steel with a Damascus pattern.

Sharp blade edge and rosewood handle make an awesome combination for this eye-catchy chef knife.

You can slice, chop, dice any soft and hard vegetables like onions, potatoes, pumpkins with less effort using this ultra-sharp knife.

This FANTECK knife is strong, durable, and probably the best chef knife in today’s market at a low budget.

This chef knife will allow you to cut hard surface squash effortlessly and make more precise and perfect slices.

  • High-quality chef knife at a low budget. 
  • Extremely sharp and effective. 
  • Comes with a mini sharpener and a good sheath. 
  • Good packaging.
Full length of the blade8 inches
BladeVG-10 Damascus Steel
HandleRose Wood

6. MOSFiATA 10″ Professional Chef’s Knife

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MOSFiATA Professional Chef’s Knife is made from a German high carbon stainless steel blade.

This chef knife is sharp enough to go through meat, vegetables, and squash. Micarta handle ensures a secure grip and offers to do multiple functions.

You’re going to get a black gift box with this long sharp blade knife. Damascus blade looks amazing and makes this knife a perfect gift item. Both summer and winter squashes can be cut using this blade.

  • Non-slip handle secures a perfect grip. 
  • Resistant and strong. 
  • Comes with a finger Guard. 
  • Razor-sharp blade edge.
BladeGerman High Carbon Stainless Steel
Blade length10 inches
Overall length17.32 inches

7. OXO Good Grips Y Peeler

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The OXO Good Grips Y peeler is a great peeler for anyone who doesn’t have the time to spend hours peeling squashes. It features a sharp, polished stainless steel blade for effortless slicing through tough skins, an ergonomic handle with soft non-slip grips.

If you become unable to peel the squash with a knife, then peel them with this peeler. This peeler is suitable for rough surfaces. You can also peel any type of vegetable using an Oxo peeler. This peeler will give you the best peeling experience.

Buying Guide

The quality of a butternut squash knife can be determined by the material. The more expensive chef knives will have a higher-quality metal blade that will not rust and has sharp edges, which makes it easier to cut through the tough skin on this type of squash. There are many differences in the shape and size of the chef knives. Now have a look at some of the qualities you should look for; when buying a chef knife for cutting butternut squash.

Blade Material

Butternut squash is a hard vegetable for chopping. Your blade must be strong and well-made for cutting these hard vegetables. High carbon steel blades are strong and long-lasting. They will not dull as easily as other types of blades. Your blade can be made of stainless steel, VG10 premium steel, etc, and should also be well manufactured for having the ability to cut winter squashes.

Handle Material

The handle can be made of wood because it would provide a comfortable grip for the user who will most likely be using their hands to cut through this tough vegetable. The handle can also be made from metal because it is more durable than other materials. Sometimes, a wooden handle is not heavy enough to cut through the hard skin and tough flesh of this type of squash. We will recommend these materials for your handle.

  • Pakkawood.
  • Sandalwood handle.
  • Rosewood handle.
  • Metal handle.


Is an electric knife a better option to handle a butternut squash?

If you’re using an electric knife on butternut squash, then your hand would have to be strong enough to operate the knife. Cutting with an electric knife involves pressing a handle that releases power and pressure. The force of this release can make it difficult or impossible to cut through harder foods such as squash without risking injuring your hand in the process.

On the other hand, manual sharp chef knives work great with squashes. Electric knives are also costly and we don’t think that you should go for an electric knife instead of a manual chef knife to slice a squash.

Can you cut pumpkins using these squash knives?

Yes, you can cut pumpkins using these chef knives. You can also perform the other tasks of your kitchen using these chef knives. But there are many other tools in the market to deal with pumpkins. You can also choose any of the tools from there.

Final Words

The best knife to cut butternut squash is a chef’s knife. While the vegetable has tough skin and dense flesh, it can be easily sliced with this type of blade. A serrated knife won’t do as good of a job because the teeth are too short to get through all the layers of skin that need to be removed for cutting into uniform pieces or cubes. It might also not work well on such difficult vegetables like butternuts because they have hard outer shells that require precision in order to avoid injury while slicing them open. For these reasons, we recommend using a chef’s knife over any other variety when trying to slice up your winter squash.

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