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Best Knife Sharpener Under $30 in 2022 – Strong & Effective


Last Updated on January 29, 2022

Knives become dull after some use and many people continue using that dull knife.

For getting a clear, fresh cut of foods you must sharpen your knife with a high-quality sharpener of your choice.

Most of the knife sharpeners are expensive and can’t provide a smooth experience for users.

But still, some knife sharpeners in today’s market are high quality but can be collected with a low budget.

In this article, we are going to find the best knife sharpener under $30.

Best Knife Sharpener Under $30 (Updated List)

  1. Vestaware Knife Sharpener. (Overall Best Pick)
  2. Priority Chef Kitchen Knife Sharpener. (Most Popular Pick)
  3. Zulay Premium Quality Knife Sharpener. (Perfect for Both Straight and Serrated Knives)
  4. Todocope Premium Chef Knife Sharpener. (Budget Friendly Pick)

Vestaware Knife Sharpener

Vestaware Knife Sharpener

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Vestaware brings you a professional knife sharpener for sharpening and polishing knives, scissors effortlessly within a few minutes.

This knife sharpener has two different slots for sharpening your everyday use knife and scissor.

For more comfortable use, this company has added whetstone at the end of the sharpener which sharpens the knife by removing excess materials from the blade.

This sharpener contains two slots for sharpening and polishing knives along with a scissor sharpening slot.

The sharpening slot is made of a Tungsten steel blade which restores sharp edges and the polishing slot is made of a ceramic rod.

This sharpener features a non-slip rubber base and a foldable handle for minimizing the use of space. Sharpening a knife with a Vestaware knife sharpener is very easy for both right-hand and left-hand users.

At first place the knife sharpener on a plane surface then; place the knife or scissor in the specific slot. Hold the angle firmly to sharpen your knife or scissor by applying pressure on it at a 90-degree sharpening angle.

Push the knife in one direction many times until the edges become sharp and finally polish your knife. After sharpening the knife detach the two slots from the sharpener and wash with mild soap or detergent.

  • Perfect for any type of knife-like- chef knife, Santoku knife, vegetable knife, paring knife, and scissor.
  • The two slots sharpen and polish the blade.
  • The slots are made of Tungsten steel and can be detached from the sharpener.
  • The grit type may be fine or coarse.

Priority Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Priority Chef Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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Priority Chef Kitchen Knife Sharpener is a well-known brand for sharpening dull knives including chef knives, pocket knives, paring knives, hunting knives, and scissor.

This sharpener hones your knife and restores the sharpness of the knife by removing the material from the blade surface only in three steps.

The rough part minimizes the dullness of the blade and the coarse grit helps to maintain the sharpening angle. The tungsten carbide sharpens the blade edge whereas the ceramic rod polishes the blade.

Now, the edge of the knife becomes super sharp for chopping and slicing onions, other vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat.

This sharpener is made of stainless steel for protection against rust and coarse grit protects the diamond rod from external damage.

This black and white combination gives a unique look to the sharpener and the handle is very comfortable to hold.

  • Sharpens the knife in three steps.
  • Sharpens the blade, minimize dullness, and polishes the blade.
  • The three slots are made of Tungsten carbide and ceramic rod.
  • The type of grit is fine, medium, and coarse.

Zulay Premium Quality Knife Sharpener

Zulay Premium Quality Sharpener

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Zulay Kitchen manufactures a knife sharpener of premium quality for sharpening dull scissors and knives like a paring knife, chef knife, hunting knife, and pocket knife.

This knife sharpener contains two slots along with a handle for a comfortable grip while sharpening. One of the slots is a coarse slot that sharpens the dull edge of the blade and the other slot is a ceramic slot that hones and polishes the blade for a sharp look.

While sharpening the knife hold the sharpener tightly with one hand and the sharpener should be kept steady on a plane surface.

Zulay sharpener restores the sharpness of the blade and gives a classy look. By honing the knife twice a week a super-sharp edge of the blade can be maintained and ultimately increases the lifetime of the knife.

This sharpener is designed with stainless steel material for more strength and the unique black and white color combination gives a classy look to the sharpener.

  • Has slip-resistant comfortable handle and two slots.
  • The coarse slot sharpens the dull blade.
  • The ceramic slot hone and polishes the blade.
  • Has coarse grit.

Todocope Premium Chef Knife Sharpener

Todocope Premium Sharpener

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Todocope brings you a knife sharpener of premium quality with a three-slot design for sharpening, polishing, and repairing your dull knife.

The sharpening slot is made of a diamond grinding wheel which sharpens the knife by pulling the blade several times in one direction. The rough grinding slot is made of tungsten steel to sharpen the dull knives.

The base of the sharpener is made of non-slip rubber for avoiding an accident while using it. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and secure grip at the time sharpening a dull knife and scissor.

The ceramic rod grinding slot gives a finishing touch by polishing the blade of the knife. For cleaning the sharpener, remove the grinder head and wash it with mild soap or detergent.

  • The tungsten steel grinding slot sharpens the dull knives.
  • The ergonomic handle provides a secure grip.
  • It contains three slots for sharpening, polishing, and repairing.

Will the Low Budget Sharpener Work Fine?

Yes. These sharpeners restore the sharp edge of the knife by removing some metals from the blade surface. You can also hone your knife with a honing rod and can sharpen your knife with a whetstone.

Though the main function of a sharpener is to sharpen dull knives, it also performs other works such as polishing, repairing, and honing dull knives.

Some sharpeners have separate slots for performing all these functions along with a scissor sharpening slot.

By pulling the knife in one direction in the slot of a sharpener you can sharpen your knife within a few minutes. Firmly hold the handle of the sharpener and sharpen the knives at a specific angle.

Final Words

You must sharpen your knife for preparing and decorating food effortlessly and beautifully. It’s not good and safe to work with dull knives for preparing food.

The above-described sharpeners are very good in quality and are inexpensive. You must choose a user-friendly, versatile, and high-quality sharpener for sharpening dull knives. Select a sharpener with what you are comfortable working with.

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