How to Use a Santoku Knife-The Elegant Way!

How to Use Santoku Knife

Contents1 Step-By-Step Guideline to Use Santoku Knife Properly1.1 What is a Santoku knife?1.2 How to Use Santoku Knife Properly1.2.0.1 Firstly, Secondly,1.3 What makes a Santoku knife special?1.4 Important Tips about Using the Santoku Knife1.5 Conclusion The santoku knife is a must-have in the kitchen when it comes to cooking. However, many home cooks are perplexed … Read more

How to Sharpen Electric Knife Blades-The Proper Way to do It!


Contents1 The Easy guideline to to Sharpen Electric Knife Blades1.1 How to sharpen your electric knife blade!1.1.1 Manually sharpening the blades1.1.2 Sharpening the knife blade with electric sharpener1.2 How to find the best knife sharpener for your needs! Don’t Use a Dull Knife!1.3 How often should you sharpen your electric knife blade?1.4 Conclusion Electric knives … Read more

How to Use Butterfly Knife-The Easiest Way!

How to Use Butterfly Knife

Contents1 Method to Properly Use Butterfly Knife1.1 Butterfly Knife Basics1.2 Parts and Their Functions1.3 How to Use a Butterfly Knife?1.4 Safety Tips1.5 Conclusion It’s one thing to own a butterfly knife; it’s quite another to know how to use butterfly knife properly. Butterfly knives are one-of-a-kind folding pocket knives with two handles that counter-rotate around … Read more

Why Do Meat Cleavers Have a Hole?

Why Do Meat Cleavers Have a Hole

Contents1 Main Reasons to Have a Hole in a Meat Cleaver1.1 1. Makes Hanging Easier for Users1.2 2. Avoids Risk1.3 3. Pulling Free When Stuck with Meat or Bone1.4 4. Reduces Friction1.5 5. Aesthetic Purposes2 What Will Happen If a Cleaver Has No Hole?3 Conclusion A common question, we always think about but never get … Read more

Best Kitchen Knives Made in the USA in 2021

Kitchen Knives Made in the USA

Contents1 Best American-Made Kitchen Knives & Knife Sets (Updated list)1.1 Rada Cutlery 7 Piece Kitchen Knife Set1.1.1 This knife set includes1.1.2 Pros1.1.3 Cons1.2 Case Household Cutlery Knives Set1.2.1 This knife set includes1.2.2 Pros1.2.3 Cons1.3 Cutco Homemaker Knife Set1.3.1 This set includes1.3.2 Pros1.3.3 Cons1.4 Dexter-Russell 8 inch Fillet Knife1.4.1 Pros1.4.2 Cons1.5 Case Household Cutlery Walnut Chef’s … Read more