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Dalstrong Knife Review: In-Dept Analysis on Series and Sets


Last Updated on September 10, 2021

Finding the best knife within our budget is not just a piece of cake anymore. There are hundreds of thousands of knives from established brands as well as newcomers. But the fact is established brands cost huge and we don’t have trust in young companies. So, what to do now? Well, that’s why we are here with this Dalstrong knife review.

Dalstrong is relatively a new brand than many top knife manufacturing companies out there. Despite being a young company, they have surpassed many established brands by providing uncompromised quality. They use high-quality materials and make innovative style series as well as traditional knives that we are used to. Guess what! That too at an insanely reasonable price.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “should I buy a Dalstrong Knife?” In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at what makes their knives so great and why you should consider buying one for your kitchen.

Short Overview of Dalstrong Knives

Sample Dalstrong Knives

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Currently, Dalstrong has a variety of artistic knife series with smart features and is planning to release more. So, you’re getting plenty of options regarding style and features. The brand offers top-notch customer services as well. Limited lifetime warranty along with a return and refund policy are such great after-sale services they provide to their customers. For these qualities, they have also been featured in many reputed media like CNN, Forbes, Rolling stone, etc.

What We Liked:

  • Incredibly affordable despite having such variety, style, and features
  • Uses best quality materials 
  • High-tech construction 
  • Offers excellent customer service
  • Magnificent craftsmanship
  • Super sharp and well balanced

What We Didn’t Like:

  • In some knife handles, lacked comfort and gripping while focusing more on the design
  • Slightly less consistent as they claim

Dalstrong Knife Series Review

Dalstrong is committed to providing the customer’s updated products. That’s why they have launched multiple extremely smart series already. Each of the series has its own uniqueness, style, and features. We will review each and every detail of them and let you know which one you should get.

Shogun Series Knife

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Shogun is probably Dalstrong’s most popular series. The Shogun series production process takes more than 60 days. This is to go through the crazy hardness scale test. Knives from this series are made of the highest quality AUS-10V Japanese super steel. Dalstrong has layered this series of knives with 67 layers of Damascus steel. That makes it harder than other knives, 62+ on the Rockwell Hardness Scale proves how strong and durable it is.

Tsunami Rose pattern blade with G10 Synthetic handle makes it really beautiful. The blades are thinner as the edge is hand-finished which makes it super sharp. They use the enduring 3-step Honbazuke method to sharpen knives. The knives in this series are cooled with liquid nitrogen for hardness, sharpness, and corrosion resistance. Tsuchime hammered finish doesn’t let things stick to the blade while cutting. Most importantly, the Shogun Knife series is extremely affordable. With the same quality and features, other knife brands will charge you at least twice as much.

Phantom Series Knife

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The Phantom series has the least expensive Japanese-style knife. While you won’t find too much variety in this series, you’ll be obsessed with the ones available. You’ll see elegance with extraordinary sharpness, toughness, and great craftsmanship on the knife from the Phantom. High carbon AUS-8 has been used to make super steel blades resulting in a 58+ score on the Rockwell hardness scale.

Gripping in this series is extraordinarily comfortable. They use a traditional thematic Japanese D-shape handle that provides excellent balance and maximum control over the knives.

If you like Japanese knives, then you can check the reviews of Shun knives.

Gladiator Series Knife

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The Gladiator series is more like war knives. These are strong, heavyweight, and powerfully designed. The knives from the Gladiator series have been introduced as direct competitors of brands like Wusthof and Zwilling. But with all those exceptional features Dalstrong claims much less price than other brands. From a styling standpoint, the series is more likely a European or Western-style knife.

The steel used to make the blades of these knives is high carbon German steel which is very powerful. The wide-angled cutting-edge blade is incredibly sharp and has a protective full bolster. In this series, you will find many options. knives in this series are specially made for heavy-duty work in the kitchen.

Crusader Series Knife

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Crusader Knife series is almost identical to the Gladiator series in terms of features and price. Same German high carbon steel, similar edge angle and finish, every core features are in common. The knives are 100% steel made including the handle. This will give you more perseverance. The handle is quite different from the other series Dalstrong produces. But it seems to be quite off-balanced and not a good control to us. The Crusader Knife series does not offer a comfortable grip, which is what it lacks here.

Although the design of the Crusader knives is quite spot on. The price is incredibly cheap. Uniqueness in design, beautiful craftsmanship of modern look enhances the coolness of your kitchen.

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Shadow Black Series Knife

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When you are more into the classy and aesthetic look, you’ll only find Shadow black knife series. Not only just look but also the materials used to make this knife are of the highest top quality. The knives feature a high carbon 7CR17MOV-X super-steel with a titanium nitride coating on the blade to look cool. Sharpness and durability are features that you will see in every Dalstrong knife.

Shadow black knives come with more hardness, flexibility as it is nitrogen cooled. Military-grade G10 handles (slightly textured) are used to provide anti-slip gripping. It varies from person to person whether the gripping is okay or not.

Omega Series Knife

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Dalstrong’s most expensive knife series is Omega. Compared to its competitor with the same features, the price is fine. Why? The blades in this series are made with sophisticated quality steel. In this case, they use premium American BD1N-VX hyper steel. And the blades have a precision engraved liquid metal pattern that allows you more efficiency with much less drag during cutting. Not only this, liquid nitrogen is added to make it sharper, harder, and more durable.

Moving back to hardness and durability, it passed the Rockwell hardness scale with a 63+ score, the highest of Dalstrong’s knives. The super hard blade is extremely sharp since they use the hand-finished traditional Honbazuke method. 67 layers of Damascus steel have been incorporated in this Omega series. G10 woven fiberglass handle is featured with each knife for comfortable gripping. A PU leather sheath is included for the protection of your blade and you while not using it.

Best Dalstrong Knife Sets

Dalstrong Knife Sets have been used by professional chefs and home cooks alike for years because they are so durable and sharp. One of the things that makes these knives stand out among other knife sets is their unique design which allows them to glide through food much easier than others. Let’s explore some of their knives sets:

DALSTRONG Shogun Series X 5 Piece Knife Set Block

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Shogun X is one of the best-selling knife sets of Dalstrong. People are so in love with this versatile knife set because of the well-designed and high-quality build-up. Made of excellent quality AUS-10V super steel with a hand-finished edge that delivers sturdiness and super sharpness. 

The cladding used here is corrosion-resistant which prolongs the life of the knife. Proceed to the handle. Each knife comes with a military-grade G-10 handle. They designed it in an ergonomic shape so you can hold and control it better. Shogun’s X series has been constructed using state-of-the-art technology. That’s why the blades are so tough and flexible to use. The 5pcs set block is made manually and finished which helps to reduce drag and prevent food from sticking to the knife. 

In terms of durability and price, Shogun X is incomparable. The Japanese knife set contains solid premium stainless steel that has achieved a 62+ Rockwell hardness score. Featuring 67 high carbon steel layers, to ensure more strength, durability, and stain resistance. For easy and safe storage, a woodblock will be given with the set.


  • High quality Materials
  • Quite affordable price
  • Comfortable grip and control
  • Well balanced edge retention and handle


  • Wooden holder should be more durable
  • Excessive hardness makes it somewhat brittle

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series 8 Piece Knife Block Set

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This knife set is made of high-quality carbon steel and with hand-polished serrated edges that ensure more durability of the knife. The knives have attractive and ergonomic Pakkawood handles to help you to do your tasks. This ergonomically designed handle provides comfort while preparing food.

This gladiator set includes attractive knives with accurate, sharp corners that retain their sharpness well. The handles and blades of all knives are perfectly balanced. Its cutting edges have a 16-degree angle, which is far superior to the 20-degree angles knives. The knife is easy to clean and store.

Each knife has been meticulously designed with trademark tapered blades that are tough and flexible for easy slicing. The blades keep their sharpness for a long time and are both sturdy and weather resistant. These Knives don’t need to sharp too much time, and they should be able to leave with their dignity if used sparingly with sharp steel.

Special care should be taken to preserve it after using a knife or any sharp object. Otherwise, any untoward accident can happen at any time. This 8-piece knife from DALSTRONG comes with a storage block made of wood. So, you can store the knives there safely after using them.


  • Cheap price
  • Well balanced edge retention and control
  • So many varieties in colors and knives
  • Includes BPA-free PerfectFit sheath


  • Weight distribution in not up to the mark

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Colossal 18 Piece Knife Set

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This DALSTRONG 18-piece Knife Set is made of high-carbon German steel, resulting in an incredibly sharp edge with outstanding wear and high durability. This Gladiator Series knife is a high-performing kitchen tool that slices and dices ultra-thinly and efficiently. It’s been sharpened by hand to a 14-16 degree angle on either side.

An extraordinarily robust and non-porous fiberglass-like black Pakkawood is used to precisely manufacture the attractive, ergonomic handle of these knives. It’s heat and moisture resistant, and it’ll last a lifetime. The handle is designed in such a way that it is both comfortable and maneuverable.

Made of high-quality steel, the knife is capable of retaining its sharpness well for a long time. These knives are hand-polished to a satin sheen and engineered to excellence at 56+ Rockwell hardness. Improved durability, flexibility, and cutting resistance thanks to careful tapering.

After all, the outstanding workmanship of the knives, innovative technology, attractive design elements, and quality materials make it unique. The Dalstrong Gladiator Series Colossal knife set comes with a wooden storage block to keep the knives safe and secure. So, you can store them safely after every time of use.


  • Budget friendly
  • Most options of color and knives
  • D-shaped non-slip handle
  • Literally every type of knives included


  • Knives are slightly lighter for harder cutting
  • Takes a huge space

DALSTRONG Phantom Series 6 Piece Set with Magnetic Block

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This DALSTRONG’s 6 piece knife set is part of the Phantom Series, one of the most popular series. This knife, made by Japanese High-Carbon, emphasizes the minimalistic elements of good kitchen cutlery. For outstanding balance, the D-shaped handle is combined with modern half bolster design. It allows the knives an extraordinary amount of control and agility.

For increased durability, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion, this knife has meticulously sharpened between 13-15 degrees and nitrogen cooled. With each use, the blades’ nimble sharpness permits quick, accurate, and seamless cuts. These blades are superb performers, symbolizing refinement, beauty, cleanliness, and power. The knives provide for a very comfortable and smooth ‘pinch grip’ because of their hand-polished spine and ergonomic bolster form. Regardless, owning and flaunting these weapons is a visual delight. The blade’s overall forged design offers a perfect mix of sharpness and optimum durability.

For easy storage, this knife set comes with a handmade walnut wood ‘Dragon Spire’ storage block. It features an ergonomic and space-saving design. Each column of this storage block has premium power magnets on both sides. In each of its columns, you can easily and safely storage six items on your set.


  • Most budget friendly knife set
  • Comes with a magnetic knife stand
  • High-tech construction
  • Used most premium steel


  • Cleaning and maintenance is a bit harder than other series

DALSTRONG Shadow Black Series 5 Piece Knife Block Set

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Dalstrong’s shadow black series is one of the best knife sets from both design and quality perspectives. Both aesthetics and nobility are manifested in this black beast. Not to forget the excellent utility it provides to the chef. It will indicate the unique sense of style of yours as a chef.

Ruthless sharp hand-finished edges at a 15-degree angle make your cutting easier than ever. For making the set harder and flexible, liquid nitrogen is applied. The 5 piece shadow black set comes with a titanium nitride non-reflective coating which results in improving robustness, corrosion resistance, and non-stickiness.

Made of high carbon super steel, the chef knife set went through a heat treatment at 58+ HRC. This resulted in excellent performance and edge retention. To maximize durability, The entire knife is crafted from a single steel piece as full-tang which is totally handed polished. 

The ergonomic handle is made of military-grade G10 material and designed quite uniquely. The anti-slip handle doesn’t get affected by heat, cold, and moisture. The gripping also is fine. A matching block storage is included as well. 


  • Titanium nitride coating for rust resistance
  • Made of durable high carbon German steel 
  • Elegant Design 
  • Reasonable price


  • Not as consistent as they claim
  • Handle may not be comfortable for everyone

Buyer’s Guide of Dalstrong Kinves

There are tons of facts to consider before you make a purchase decision. Not that you see a Knife and buy it. You need to be aware of the necessary features, quality, comfort, and durability of the product. Let’s find out what we should consider when buying knives from Dalstrong.


If you remove the blade from a knife, there is nothing left. So, all your focus must be on what material the knife is made of. In this case, high carbon steel is considered as the premium and best quality blade steel for making knives. Dalstrong uses exactly the same materials for all their series and individual knives. High carbon steel gives more hardness, agility, durability, and a sharper edge to the knife. 


When it comes to buying a knife, you need to pay utmost importance to the handle. No matter how good your blade is you can’t utilize the knife properly until you have the best grip on it. You must be careful about the size and shape of your kitchen knife. These two things vary from person to person. Dalstrong has a variety of handle options to choose from. Not all will be comfortable for you. But you can try each of them or look for some specific features to get a good handle.

You need to look for some vital things in a knife’s handle to get a comfortable grip:

  1. There should be no gaps inside the handle: For well weight distribution, it is necessary for a handle to be made of dense material. It will allow you to cut things without putting much pressure on your wrist.
  2. Make sure your handle is made of good materials and lasts longer: Dalstrong uses military grade G10 handles which are crazy like sturdy.  
  3. The design of the handle should be ergonomic: The ergonomically designed handles are easy to use. They provide you the most comfort gripping and control over the knife.
  4. Anti-slip gripping should be there: It can cause any kind of unwanted accident if the knife slips from the hand. So, it is important to have strong and non-slip gripping so that the knife does not slip out of the hand.

Pick a Series According to Your Demand

Well, this part is very tricky since Dalstrong has a variety of knife series. You must be confused about which series you should choose. That’s why you need to have a clear view of your needs and preferences. Dalstrong has six knife series till now. Each series has some special features. There are also many differences in size, shape, working purpose, etc. from one to the other. So, you must choose the series that matches the features according to your preference.

Care and Maintenance

How long and efficiently your product will serve you depends on how you use, care for, and maintain it. That means you have to do intense care and maintenance of your knife set more often. But Dalstrong’s knives are different from all other knives, regardless of features, price, or maintenance. You don’t need to oil the blade and handle regularly to prevent corrosion and damage. Dalstrong knives are cooled with liquid nitrogen to prevent damage and corrosion. So, you are free from doing regular maintenance.


Is Dalstrong a Japanese Knife?

Dalstrong has a lot of variety in styling. They make knives of all types of Japanese, German, European, and Western styles. Shogun and Phantom are the most popular Japanese-style knife series of Dalstrong in particular.

Are Dalstrong knives any good?

They are high-quality knives, which can never be bad. Dalstrong knives are some of the best cutlery on the market today for home or professional cooks. They are excellent knives with a lifetime warranty, sharp blades, and ergonomic handles. Dalstrong knives are very durable and do not rust or chip, even after years of use.

Are Dalstrong Knives dishwasher Safe?

The dishwasher is the worst place to put a knife. The best way to clean knives is with soapy water and then rinsing with clear water. You must dry your Dalstrong knives after cleaning them. We don’t recommend using a dishwasher to clean Dalstrong knives.

Where are Dalstrong knives manufactured?

Basically, the knives are manufactured and distributed from Yanjing, China (a city that has a rich history of knife crafting for 1500 years). But Dalstrong uses premium quality materials from different locations. In the Shogun and Phantom series, they use steel made in Japan. Gladiator series steel is made in Germany. They also import materials from the USA and the Pakkawood handles are from Spain.

What kind of steel does Dalstrong use?

They have different knife series and have steel alloys according to each series type. For Japanese knives, they use premium Japanese high carbon super steel. Dalstrong uses high carbon German steel and BD1N-VX American hyper steel for German and American style knives.

What is the warranty if a Dalstrong knife breaks?

Dalstrong offers a lifetime warranty if manufacturing defects are found. But they refused to extend warranty service for rust, damage or breakage due to improper use, improper maintenance, accidents, loss or stolen.

Our Recommendation

In our Dalstrong knife review, we have tried to analyze all the information related to this brand and popular series thoroughly. With our deep research data, we have also presented you with the five best knife sets of this brand. 

We, personally, want to recommend you two series which are Phantom and Shogun. They are just a beast in this area with the quality they possess. They are rock-solid in quality and the pricing We loved the most. Although Shogun will cost you a bit more than Phantom. But both knives come in handy at impressively cheap prices.

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