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How to Carry a Boot Knife- Best Way to Do it!

A boot knife is a great tool for protecting yourself, but you need to make sure you carry it the right way. Today we will discuss how to carry a boot knife properly and safely.

Putting the boot knife on your calf is easy because it’s small and can be strapped on. It’s usually extremely little, with a blade length of two to three inches, and it can be quickly released in an emergency.

In the hands of the majority, the boot knife serves as a self-defense instrument. This style of knife, however, has many applications than just self-defense. When you’re out in the woods, boot knives are also great for doing utility chores.

The Safe and Easy Way to Carry a Boot Knife

What is a Boot Knife?

A boot knife is a tiny knife that can be carried as part of a person’s boots, whether they are military or civilian. It’s also known as a trench knife and is frequently employed by police enforcement and military groups. Boot knives are often one-of-a-kind, and since they are so uncommon, they are frequently regarded as collectors’ artifacts.

Boot knives were popular during both World Wars and were invented in the early twentieth century. They were carried onto the battlefield by troops and police during the wars in case they lost or had their primary weaponry seized from them.

So, boot knives are military or combat knives that are designed to be carried in the boot. Military troops and others who work in hazardous environments frequently utilize them.

The Best Ways to Carry a Boot Knife

A boot knife is a necessary weapon for any outdoorsman, even if it is mostly used for self-defense. These knives are designed to fit and function in the sole of your boot, making them convenient to carry. They come in a range of materials for the handles, blade designs and sizes, and even sheath alternatives.

A knife can be carried in a variety of ways. Some people choose to keep their sheath on their belt, while others keep it in their boots. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to each technique of carrying your knife in your boots.

A boot knife is commonly carried, especially by law enforcement, military, and security personnel. There are various different types of boot knives on the market today, but the combat dagger is one of the most robust and effective.

Let’s find out how to carry a boot knife with you-
  • String is the quickest and most straightforward method of attaching a boot knife. The first step is to stow the knife in your boot with the sheath still attached. It can be placed in either footwear that are on the other sides of the boot, depending on your desire.
  • Check that the knife is placed well enough inside your boot to prevent it from moving, so it is snug and does not obstruct your feet or ankle. You don’t want your knife to scratch or cause irritation if you’re going to travel a long distance with it in your boot.
  • You can secure the sheath in place with a few knots of the string, then wrap it around your leg a few times to keep it in place. It should be snug enough to keep it in place without impeding blood flow in your leg.
  • After you’ve secured the knife safely and comfortably, tie it everything together with a knot. The knife should be barely visible but accessible to be pulled out at any time. Roll your jeans downwards over the weapon and your boots if you wish to hide it even further.

Boot knives aren’t the best survival knives on the market, but they can come in handy if you’re in a hurry. Of course, having a better survival knife on hand is always a good idea, but a boot knife is far easier to conceal and carry.

Close-quarters combat, rescue missions, and other emergency scenarios benefit from them. They are frequently carried into conflict zones by military personnel because they are particularly efficient in close-range fighting circumstances.


You can carry a boot knife in many different ways, as seen in this article. This is important whether you carry your knife on the side or in the back. You need to choose a place that is both comfortable and easy for you to reach when you need it. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you by leaving a comment below or visiting our website now.

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