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How to Carve a Turkey with an Electric Knife


Last Updated on November 19, 2022

At Thanksgiving dinner, a well-sliced turkey creates a stunning presentation. Unfortunately, perfecting the carving is not always simple. That’s why, today, we’ll show you how to carve a turkey with an electric knife in a fun step-by-step tutorial.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Carve a Turkey with an Electric Knife – Step-by-Step Guideline


Allow the turkey to cool for a few minutes first. It’s simpler to carve once it’s cooled for fifteen or twenty minutes. Additionally, you are less at risk of getting burned by turkey fluid when you cut. A word of caution from someone who has been through it before!

On a flat surface, place a big cutting board. If you want to make the cutting board more stable, put a damp paper towel under it. Prepare a serving platter and a sharp and good-quality electric knife before you begin. The whole turkey should be in the middle of the cutting board. Remove any fruits and veggies that might be in the cavity, and then cut the turkey into pieces.

Although it’s customary to slice the turkey at the table, doing so on a chopping board on your counter is less messy and less likely to offend your vegetarian guests and family members.

Remove the Thighs and Legs

The breast-to-leg or drumstick connective tissue should be sliced until it hits the bone. Pull the leg down and away from the body until the bone comes out. To loosen the connective tissue, cut it with the blade of your knife if it does not come loose on its own.


Once you’ve finished cutting the bird’s sternum, you can start sculpting its breast. If you carve the bone deep within, the little shards will bother you while you’re eating. When you’ve separated both sides of your breasts. Begin chopping the meat.

Once you’ve carved through the skin connecting the thigh and breast, you can lay the breast apart for slicing at a later time.

(It’s a good idea to cut the breast meat across the grains for optimal tenderness.) And it’s fine to slice thickly here since the meat will retain its heat for a longer period of time since you’ll be hoping it to remain warm for a longer period of time. Not only that, but they also look better!

Then there are the wings!

Turn the bird over and perform the same process you did with the drumsticks to remove the wings. (Again, you’ve come too near to the bone if you’re wielding your blade as a saw.) Make sure to save the cartilage for later, since it can be used to make a broth.)

Finally, the Thighs

  • Begin by removing the bone. Turning the thighs around and carving the bones out using your knife is the best method to do this.
  • In order to achieve the cleanest carving possible and to guarantee that you get the maximum amount of meat from the bone, you’ll want to make cuts along the sides.
  • Similar to the breast, the thigh has a connection attaching it to the bones, therefore you need to get the most amount of meat possible.
  • When you get to the bottom of the thigh, take apart the joint as you did with the other pieces, then slice through it..
  • Don’t merely slash the thigh; you’ll ruin the flesh and it won’t look as appealing on your plate. All of the heavy work will be done by the electric knife; your duty will be to direct it.
  • The goal is to extract as much meat off of the single bone in the thigh as possible, and gliding your electric knife along rather than cutting and slicing away will give you a lot more meat.

The majority of folks threw away the turkey bones, oblivious to the notion that they may be used to make a delicious soup stock for the next four days. So, instead of throwing away the bones, utilize them in soup or other gravies. It is going to be delicious.


A beautifully cut turkey enriches the Thanksgiving meal while also reminding guests of your hospitality. As a result, always carve the turkey using an electric knife, because no other knife can execute it as smoothly. So now you know how to properly carve a turkey using an electric knife. Don’t forget to do it for your family during the Thanksgiving holiday!

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