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How to Close Tac Force Knife-A Must-Learn Guideline!


TAC Force knife is a gorgeous gadget with a lot of functionality. They’re easy to comprehend, the blades are razor-sharp, and also the locks release smoothly. Folding the blade, on the other hand, is a real challenge! When learning how to close the TAC Force knife properly, these are some of the procedures to consider.

There’s a good explanation why such knives are so difficult to close, in case you were wondering. If you’re interested in learning more about the various locking mechanisms, keep reading to discover out!

Best Tactical Way to Close Tac Force Knife

Why is it difficult to close the Tac Force Knife?

The spring mechanism of a TAC Force assisted-opening folding knife makes it difficult to close since the blade is held open when it is unfolded. When you release it, the spring quickly flips up behind the knife’s hinged section to ensure the blade of this folding knife remains stable.

This mechanism eliminates the possibility of the Tactical Force knife failing to open properly. The knife can be safely used even without edge sliding back into the frame on a regular basis.

Tac Force Pocket Knife: How Do You Close It?

With your hand, grasp the knife’s handle. Put your forefinger on the blade’s spine and use the thumb to push the piston or milled-out section of the lever that holds the knife in place. Then, with your index finger, gently pull the blade down. Finish by closing it with your thumb.

Remember to be cautious! If you’re not a seasoned knife user, start by practicing with both hands. If you fold the edge with your forefinger incorrectly, the pointy end of the blade may strike your thumb. In either case, all you should do is move the spring that makes your blade move.

Remember that there are various TAC Force knife types, each with its own locking method. The most common are listed below, and here is how you handle them.

Liner Lock — Alternative Name: Walker Lock

It’s common for TAC Force knives to have liner locks and metal spring bars positioned in the handle’s extended portion. This spring bar prevents the blade from returning to its closed position.

You can use one hand to handle this type of lock, but be careful not to hurt yourself while shutting the knife.

Back Bolt

This form of lock employs a spring that runs through the spine of the knife rather than the inside side of the gripper. This spring is hidden beneath the hinged section of the blade when it opens.

The drawback is that you must maintain this sort of lock spotless on a regular basis. Otherwise, the piston and blade will not fit properly. This problem may cause the TAC Force knife’s locking mechanism to malfunction.

To shut a rear lock knife, use your thumb to press the cut-out and release the finger. Insert the blade with your forefinger and close it using your thumb.

Locking Frame

The frame lock works in the same way as the liner lock. However, rather than just a spring bar, this mechanism locks the folding blade with a milled-out portion of the handle. This method makes frame lock blades firmer and more dependable than the thin springs used in other blades.

The same steps as for closing the liner lock apply when closing the lock on the frame.

What’s the big deal about Tac Force Knives?

TAC Force knives are ideal basic-level instruments for those looking to gain additional field experience. These knives are inexpensive, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on them.

These stainless steel or carbide tipped blades maintain a good edge, making the knives suited for outdoor activities such as camping. You can also get one or more to improve your sharpening and cutting techniques.

Another important reason for the buzz around these knives is their appearance. They have engravings on the blades, making them a classic and beautiful knife.

Closing a Tac Force Knife: The Safety Procedure

Although each knife is unique, the procedures for closing various types of pocket knives are often relatively similar.

If you’ve never used a tactical knife before, you’ll need to begin by opening it. Fortunately, this is usually simple to do with a little metal switch on the outside of its handle.

Take Caution

In order to safely open, close, or use this knife, one must practice caution at all times.

It is not a toy, and you should not try to open or close it by pushing or pulling on it. If you  Try to push the blade in forcefully, both you and the blade could be seriously damage, so be careful.

Therefore, you’ll need to execute each process slowly and cautiously until you’ve establish a strong level of familiarity with the application.

You can never be too careful with a pocket knife, let alone one that packs a deadly punch when tampered with.

Search for the Metal Block

The metal component that prevents the blade from dropping to the ground should be visible when the blade is opened. This is a useful tool for ensuring that your knife does not close at random, such as while you are attempting to use it.

Check on this component on a regular basis to ensure it is in good condition. When you’re willing to shut your knife, only use finger to push the metal part so that the stress on the edge itself is relieved.

Basically, you’re just repositioning the metal piece to make room for the blade to move about. After you’ve pressed it, sliding the knife should be easier.

Begin closing the knife

At this stage, you can begin to lower the knife blade.

Who manufactures Tac Force knives?

TAC Force knives are made by Master Cutlery. This company, founded in 1982, produces and manufactures a wide range of tools and goods for both outdoor and indoor use. This manufacturer’s knives can sustain heavy compression, making them suitable for trekking, hunting, and camping, among other activities


That’s it! That’s the basic, but not so obvious, answer to how to close tac force knife models without having a nervous breakdown. It takes some practice, so don’t give up and begin with both hands. With practice, you’ll be able to open and close the TAC Force knife like an expert.

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