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How to Cut Mat Board with Utility Knife

Mat board is an excellent choice for displaying photos and artwork. However, mat board can be costly, especially if you want to display a large number of pieces. Another disadvantage is that cutting without the proper tools can be difficult. That is why we will discuss how to cut mat Board with a utility knife today.

The mat board is the frame that surrounds a piece of artwork in a frame. Mat boards have a nice look to them, but you need a way to cut them to size. The board will be destroyed if you use scissors or a pocket knife. A utility knife is the best tool for cutting mat board, but you should have another one on hand just in case.

We tried three different methods, with varying degrees of success. They were all simple enough that anyone could do them without any prior training. I would try them all before deciding which one to use.

Easiest way to Cut Mat Board with Utility Knife

What Exactly is a Mat Board?

Mat board is a material that is used to frame and protect artwork. Because it is rigid and strong, it is an excellent way to protect the art, but it can also be elegant and decorative. This article will explain mat boards, what they are, and why they are important.

You’ll discover how to select the best mat board for your artwork. You’ll also learn how to frame your artwork with mat boards so that it looks beautiful and is well-protected.

Mat boards are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s mostly stiff paperboard made of wood pulp or cotton. It is not used in the creation of artwork, but rather to mount artwork in an exhibition or for long-term storage.

Mat boards, as well as mounting and stretching materials, are typically purchased by framing shops. The mat board will then be cut to the required size by the shop.

How to Cut Mat Board with Utility Knife

Mat board is a thick cardboard board used to protect a painting’s image. Cutting mat board with utility knives is a necessary skill for any art studio, but it is rarely taught in art school.

If you want to cut mat board at home, this article will walk you through the entire process. Mat board is the material used to back up artwork in picture frames. It is also used to protect signed sports memorabilia and other collectibles from damage.

Mat board is available at any craft or art supply store. Because mat board is usually stiff, you’ll need to cut it with a large sharp utility knife and a straight edge.

  • First Step: Cut the mat board to the appropriate size.
  • 2nd Step: Using a utility knife, score the board.
  • 3rd Step: Using a utility knife, cut through the score line.
  • 4rt Step: Using a utility knife, cut away any excess material.

Here’s how to cut mat board with a utility knife so that it looks professional. We hope you found these suggestions useful. If you found this article useful, please consider sharing it with your friends and family on social media! Cutting matt board is a simple task that can be completed in under five minutes, whether you use a mat cutter or a utility knife.


We hope you found this article useful in learning how to cut mat board with a utility knife. We understand how frustrating it can be to try to cut a large piece of matboard with a small craft knife, so we wanted to show you another method that will save you time and frustration. As always, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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