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How to Sharpen a Mora Knife-The Best Way!


Last Updated on January 29, 2022

A Mora knife is an excellent general-purpose utility knife as well as an essential outdoorsman’s tool. If you have one and wonder how to sharpen a Mora knife, you have landed on the right page!

Morankiv knives are utensils and should be used; nevertheless, overuse will dull them over time. When your knife is sharp and ready to use, it makes it a lot simpler to survive in a survival situation.

With regular care and attention, your Mora will continue to cut as well after ten years as it does now. So, let’s learn more about Mora knives and how to sharpen them properly.

Easy and Working Technique to Sharpen a Mora Knife

The History behind Mora Knife

A mora knife is a tiny knife that is carried in a sheath. It’s a knife that has a fixed blade and can be used without any finger guard. The phrase comes from the cutleries in Mora which produce knives. Mora knives have been being used widely as general-purpose tools in manufacture and industry in Sweden and Finland.

Mora Knives are high-quality knives that are also inexpensive. Because they’re composed of carbon steel, which is relatively soft, the edge will need to be sharpened more frequently than other knives. On the other hand, this edge will be incredibly sharp and keep its edge for a long time, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

Mora is a Swedish town known for its Scandinavian-style knives. Mora refers to a particular type of knife made in Mora. Frosts of Mora and KJ Eriksson were the two biggest knife manufacturers in Mora in the past. These two firms recently united to form Mora of Sweden or Morakniv, a single company with a unified knife line.

All Moras appear to be nearly identical at first glance. However, when you place them side by side, you can see the minor changes. When you actually hold a knife in your hand and start working with it, those distinctions become even more apparent. If you take two different models, one will fit your hand and technique considerably better than the other, no matter how similar they appear.

How to Sharpen a Mora Knife

Sharpening knives is a talent that takes time and practice to acquire, but it’s well worth it. I’ve had my Mora for about two years, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite knives. It’s low-cost, light, and highly effective in the field. We’ll go through how to sharpen a Mora knife properly with a honing stone and a couple of additional methods in this article.

It’s not difficult to keep your Mora in good working order. To keep it sharp, all you need are a few basic items and a few minutes each week. Preparation starts at home and having the correct knife sharpening gear may help you keep your blades sharp before heading out on an excursion or in the field.

Sharpening a Mora Knife Using Stones

Use your dominant hand to hold the knife. Place the blade’s tip on the stone at a 20-degree angle, nearly as if it were lying on the sharpening stone.

Place your fingers on top of the blade with your other hand and sweep the blade across the stone in wide semi-circular movements, almost as if directing it to your waist. Throughout the process, make sure to apply uniform pressure.

After each sweep, let go of the blade. Repeat for up to 15 times or until a slight fold appears on the metal edge. Continue the motions on the other side of the knife until the blade feels sharp to the touch.

Using a Mechanical Knife Sharpener to Sharpen a Mora Knife

Mechanical knife sharpeners range from best-in-class sharpeners like Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners to fantastic items like the Work Sharp Ken Onion Angle Set Knife Sharpener with Tri-abrasive, which is a great sharpener for the Morakniv.

You may adjust your angle and drag the edge down both sides by holding the blade straight up and down the sharpener at varying angles. This enables you to ensure that the blade is constant and consistent every time. Tips of 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, and 25 degrees are available.

This sharpener’s Tri-Brasive allows you to shift from coarse to fine grit, then to ceramic for honing, and a tack sharp edge at home.

How to Take Care of a Mora Knife

Mora knives are among the world’s most popular, best-selling, and highly acclaimed knives. They’re of exceptional quality, constructed of solid Swedish steel, and built to endure a lifetime. The Mora Classic is their most popular line because of its ability to cut with ease and precision.

It’s critical to keep your Mora knife sharp whether you use it for hunting and skinning wildlife, fishing, or other household tasks. You can sharpen and maintain your Mora knife with a few simple tools and a little elbow grease.

Maintaining your Mora knife will ensure that you get the most out of it. We’ll show you how to keep your Mora knife in tip-top shape and properly maintain it!

Why is regularly sharpening a Mora Knife the greatest way to keep it sharp? Because Mora’s edge isn’t very thick, it can be challenging to get a nice crisp edge when you initially sharpen it. Though, This will improve over time.

Mora Knives have a wooden handle and are composed of laminated steel. The key to keeping these blades in good shape is to keep them sharp. Dull knives are risky because they are more likely to slip and cause injury to the user.

A cheerful mindset and a sharp knife are sometimes all that’s required. You know the value of a sharp knife if you’re a traveler, survivalist, hunter, fisherman, or boy scout. You may not have mastered the skills required to keep your blade sharp, but you recognize the value of owning one.


Follow the techniques above to give your Mora Knife a new lease on life, and you’ll have an edge that’s sharper than some store-bought knives. Sharpening your knife is a simple chore that can save you money in the long term, so it’s something you should do on a regular basis. Most importantly, you now know how to sharpen a Mora knife precisely, and you will be able to do it yourself the next time!

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