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How to Sharpen Chicago Cutlery Knives – Step by Step Guidelines


Last Updated on September 8, 2021

Sharpening your knives is one of the best ways to improve your cooking experience. It will not only make you feel like a more accomplished chef, but it will also help prevent accidents and injuries in the kitchen. Sharp knives are safer than dull ones. This article provides some helpful tips on how to sharpen Chicago Cutlery knives at home.

What are the best ways to sharpen Chicago Cutlery knives? When it comes to sharpening a knife, there are many methods that can be used. For beginners, using steel is one of the easiest and most effective ways to maintain your blade’s edge.

On the other hand, if you have Chicago Cutlery Insignia/Insignia2/Malden set you will get a built-in sharpener with your knife block. Then you don’t need to pay extra money to buy a new knife sharpener.

There have some other Chicago Cutlery knife sharpeners on the market. For example, Chicago Cutlery Dual Sharpener & Chicago Cutlery MagnaSharp Mouse Knife Sharpener.

In this article, we will tell the process to sharpen your Chicago Cutlery knives in different ways using these different tools.

Methods of Sharpening Your Chicago Cutlery Knives

First Method

Chicago Cutlery Knives with Sharpener

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If you have a built-in knife sharpener with your set then this sharpening process is for you. Otherwise, jump to the other methods.

  • Select the dull knife that you want to sharpen.
  • Keep the block in a stable place.
  • Glide the cutting edge of your knife through the sharpener.
  • Continue this process until the dull blade becomes sharp.

Second Method

Chicago Knives Sharpening Tool

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You can use Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 10-Inch Sharpening Steel to sharpen the edge of your knives. Until your knife is not totally dull, you must not use any sharpeners. What you can do – just hone your knife regularly to keep the blade edge sharp.

Regular honing is possible using this awesome steel rod. Every time you want to do some heavy tasks, make sure to hone your knives before starting your work. The process of sharpening Chicago Cutlery knives using steel rods is described below:

  • Hold the steel vertically.
  • Use a solid surface to keep your sharpening steel rod stable.
  • Take the knife that you want to sharpen.
  • Place it on the steel at 20-40 degree angle.
  • Draw the blade edge along the length of the rod.
  • Do it for a minute.

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Third Method

Chicago Cutlery MagnaSharp Mouse Knife Sharpene

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The Chicago Cutlery MagnaSharp Mouse Knife Sharpener is a durable and innovative knife sharpener. It has been recognized as the most effective knife sharpener for Chicago Cutlery knives on the market, powerfully restores blades to their original factory edge without damaging them. This sharpener features an innovative pull-through design that’s ergonomic and offers lifetime satisfaction for the users. The process of sharpening is given below:

  • At first, take the dull knife.
  • Hold the cutting edge of your knife into the sharpener.
  • Keep the angle between 25-26 degrees.
  • Now pull the blade through the sharpener.
  • Don’t give much pressure.
  • Continue until the blade is sharp.

Fourth Method

 Chicago Dual Sharpener Tool

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For a safer and easier way to keep your knives functionally sharp, consider the Chicago Cutlery Dual Sharpener. The suction cup base is cleverly designed for optimum stability on all surfaces – even wet countertops. The process of sharpening using this handy tool is given below:

  • Put the suction bottom in a solid space.
  • Take your dull knife and pull through the sharpener.
  • Pulling your blade at the coarse module will even out rough edges.
  • Pulling your blade at the fine module will smooth the blade edge.
  • At the end of the pulling, check the knife’s sharpness.


You can also sharpen your Chicago Cutlery Knives by using a whetstone, or you can use other affordable manual sharpeners. Neither method is perfect because each has its pros and cons.

In order to maintain the sharpness of your knives, you should clean and hone them regularly. We recommend that you use the honing steel every time after using the knife. You can also purchase our suggested knife sharpeners if you don’t have built-in knife sharpeners with your set.

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