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Husky Pocket Knife Wood Handle & How to Close It


Last Updated on September 6, 2021

If you are looking for a good utility knife that is strong and has a sharp edge, then Husky Pocket Knife will be your right choice.

Today we are going to introduce you to Husky Pocket Knives containing a wooden handle and also their closing system.

Husky Pocket Knife

Husky knives have a razor-sharp edge which is used to cut various things smoothly.

These knives are of medium size and are easy to carry in a pocket. Husky is founded in 1924.

These knives were previously manufactured in the U.S.A but it is now manufactured in China and Taiwan. Husky produces different types of hand tools.

There are different types of Husky knives. Different designs with a variety of colors of Husky knives are available in the market.

Husky knives are strong and are used to cut a variety of things. It is used to perform both indoor and outdoor works.

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Husky 97211 Wood Handle Knife

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The husky folding knife contains standard size super sharp blades. This knife features a wooden ergonomic handle with steel accents.

The shaft of this knife along with a robust design provides a secure and comfortable grip. It helps to maintain your knife easily.

The blade of the Husky Folding knife is made of 7Cr17 stainless steel to increase strength and durability.

The stainless steel provides protection against rust and corrosion. Between the blade and handle, there is a clip at the pivot point.

This knife is designed to maintain safety while using the knife. The husky folding knife features a notched aluminum frame to control the blade while cutting.

The overall design of the blade ensures better performance. The husky folding knife features a quick blade change mechanism.

You can replace your blade when the blade becomes dull. The blade can be kept folded to maintain safety. The condition of the blade is good.

The blade is sturdy and strong enough to pierce through hard substances smoothly. This knife contains only one blade. You can perform a variety of tasks using this Husky folding knife. This knife is suitable for different cutting tasks.

Blade material7Cr17 Stainless steel
Handle materialWood with steel accents
Head or face materialWood
Bristle materialSteel
Knife typeFolding
Cutting edgeDouble
MechanismEasy blade change mechanism
SpecialtyContains shaft along with robust design

Husky Steel Straight Edge Knife

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Husky Steel Straight Edge Folding Knife is made of 7Cr17 stainless steel which protects the blade from rust, corrosion, and discoloration of the metal.

Stainless steel increases the strength and durability of the blade. Husky Steel Straight Edge Folding Knife is made of wood along with a stainless steel frame.

The wooden handle gives a comfortable and secure grip. You won’t get tired of using this knife for a long time. You will not feel any pain in using it.

Husky Steel Straight Knife has a lock-back design to lock the blade and keep it in a safe place. The lock design is used to maintain safety while not using the knife.

It helps to cut things easily and comfortably without causing any problem. This knife holds a good cutting edge and stainless steel prolongs the lifetime of the cutting edge.

It is easy to open with one hand using thumb studs on both sides of the blade. This helps to open the blade easily and quickly.

You can close your knife using a single or both hands. This knife contains a TSA certificate. This utility Knife is of great use for everyday tasks due to its sharp cutting edge.

The sharp edge cuts things easily, quickly, and accurately. It is strong enough to pierce through hard substances.

Blade material7Cr17 Stainless steel
Handle materialWood
Head or face materialWood
Bristle materialSteel
Knife typeFolding
warrantyLimited lifetime warranty

How to Close a Husky Pocket Knife

You must close your knife after using it to avoid any type of accident. Accidents may occur or one may get injured if you keep your knife open.

• You must keep the tip of the blade away from your body.

• Keep the handle of the knife on the palm. The handle must be in between the thumb and other fingers.

• Hold the dull side of the blade with two or more fingers and push the tip to return the blade in the slot.


• To close the blade you have to push the blade against a solid or hard surface.


• To close the knife push the dull side of the blade with the index finger, then with the thumb.


• To close the knife push the dull side of the knife with the index finger and then with the middle finger.

• Be careful about the sharp edge of the knife cause you may get hurt.

• You must check whether the knife is perfectly closed or not.

Replacing the Blade of Husky Utility Knife

After using your blade for a long time your blade may become dull. So you need to change your blade for using this knife in the future. At first, take the Husky knife in your hand.

Slide the slider down and move the front part of the knife and keep it at one side. After that remove the blade from the knife. So the replacement of the blade is fast and easy. After removing the blade you can again put the sharp blade in that place.

Uses of Husky Pocket Knife

Husky Pocket knives are medium in size and easy to store. These knives are strong and used for various purposes.

  • Husky knives are used to cut ropes.
  • It is used to cut boxes.
  • It is used to cut packets.
  • This knife can be used to cut the tape.
  • It is used to open a letter.
  • Used to open a new water bottle and wine.
  • It is used to add new holes in the belt.
  • Can be used to open a screw.
  • It can be used to close a screw.
  • Helps to open a can.
  • It is used to cut thread.
  • It is used to cut wire.
  • You can use this knife for your own safety.


Husky pocket knives are widely used for everyday purposes. It can be used to pierce through hard things.

These knives are relatively low-cost. So you can buy this knife and keep this with you for doing any work. This knife really works well for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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