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Most Expensive Hunting Knives in 2022 – Ensuring High Quality


Last Updated on February 28, 2022

When you think about a hunting knife I can bet you picture a big and ugly knife in your head. However, did you know that if you are willing to stretch your budget, you can buy an attractive yet lethal hunting knife? That is why we are presenting you with the world’s most expensive hunting knives today.

For thousands of years, hunting knives have been an integral part of being a hunter. Since humans first hunted, they have employed some form of a knife to dispatch their target. The most costly hunting knife sells for almost $400,000. It was constructed by James Parker, who used platinum and diamonds to create this knife!

Not to worry, we will not offer any knives of lesser quality to you. You are invited to explore the site in order to discover several high-end hunting knives that are truly worth the money.

Will these Knives Worth the Price?

“Are the high-end knives worth the money?” is a common question. This is a very important question, and the answer isn’t as simple as you might think. For years, the cost of knives has gone up, and many companies are charging a lot of money for knives that aren’t worth it.

If you are asking that this list of knives will worth it’s price? Then The answer is yes. These knives have great features and outlook that are hard to come by. You can get cheaper hunting knives, but you won’t get the same sense of perfection.

Collecting an expensive hunting knife is sometimes more of a hobby than something to be used on a daily basis. So, if you want a hunting knife that is expensive and high quality, you should get one of these.

The goal of this article is to help you figure out what makes a good knife worth the money, as well as to give you some insight into knives that don’t deserve the extra money you pay for them.

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Most Expensive Hunting Knives – Reviews

1. Puma Waidbesteck Set Waidblatt Hunting Knife

Puma Waidbesteck Set Waidblatt Expensive Hunting Knife

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Puma Waid Besteck high priced set contains Waidblatt and Jagdnicker Stag hunting knives which are manufactured in Solingen, Germany.

The stainless steel blade protects against rust and corrosion.

This hunting knife features staghorn steel scales with nickel silver bolster for a classy look and a handsome brown leather sheath for ensuring better performance.

You can do multiple tasks using these knives including cutting, slicing, and skinning anything.

The overall length of the two knives33 cm & 20.5 cm
Blade’s length21.7 cm & 10.4
Sheath colourBrown
Made inGermany

2. ROG Expensive Hunter Knife with Sheath

ROG Expensive Hunter Knife with Sheath

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We are amazed by its quality and this hunting knife forces us to keep it on the top.

Though it’s too expensive you can feel an aristocracy fact using this sharpest knife. This handmade knife has a beautiful sheath of leather.

Ukrainian master perfectly created this outdoor gear hunter knife by using the sharpest steel blade of CPM S90V with a top-quality handle.

The sharpest blade of this knife will introduce you to a new feeling of hunting that a cheap one can’t provide.

Ironwood is used for making the handle and it ensures the hardness quality of a handle which probably goes perfectly with its cost.

This full tang knife usually takes a week to prepare to ensure top quality of this knife.

We will recommend you to use this knife if you can effort. You can find a more expensive one but not the best one.

ROG Hunter knife is the most expensive hunting knife and also ensuring their quality.

Blade’s length4.57 inches
Blade’s width1.35 inches
Blade’s thickness0.175 inches
Specified hardness61 to 63 HRC

3. DKC-UL-114-L Yuma Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

DKC-UL-114-L Yuma Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

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DKC Fixed Blade Hunting Knife is manufactured after many months of hard work of skilled craftsmen.

This hunting knife is completely hand-forged for ensuring the best quality and perfect finish.

The Damascus blade can be treated by heat and stainless steel protects the blade from rust, corrosion, and discoloration.

It is equipped with a leather sheath and the handle is also wrapped with leather.

The wooden handle is soft to touch and comfortable to work with.

The other materials of the expensive knife are buffalo horn and bone which gives a unique look to the knife.

DKC hunting knife is well polished and has many end uses.

Total length10.5 inches
Blade’s length5.75 inches
Weight1.05 pound
Made inUSA

4. Puma White Oryx Edition Hunter Knife

Puma White Oryx Edition Hunter Knife

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Puma Hunting Knife is designed with oryx antelope scales along with an aluminum bolster that protects the knife and this unique combination gives a classy look.

This hunting knife is manufactured by skilled craftsmen and with stainless steel.

The knife is HRC tested and features a brown leather sheath for extra durability.

This hunting knife contains unique handles that are crafted from the horns of the Oryx antelope.

The handle gives a comfortable grip, easy to maintain, and ensures safety.

Full length270 mm
Blade length155 mm
Thickness5 mm
Made inGermany

5. JEO-TEC Hunting Knife

JEO-TEC Hunting Knife

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The JEO-TEC hunting knife is a special one to pick. This beautiful hunting knife also comes with a lovely sheath.

For any type of outdoor activity, you can use this knife (especially hunting, fishing, etc.).

This handmade USA hunting knife is too easy to use and gives you the opportunity to have great hunting experiences.

Some special features of this knife are stainless steel, various positional sheaths, the sharp edge of the blade cut using a laser, etc.

Cocobolo wood is used for making its handle and you can feel the perfect grip.

The feature of Firesteel will really amaze you and its weight is too light to use.

A large handle ensures a perfect grip for your best user experiences.

Full length of the knife10.23 inches
Length of the blade4.92 inches
The thickness of the blade0.20 inches

6. Fox Knives Bushman Expensive Hunting Knife

Fox Knives Bushman Expensive Hunting Knife

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D2 carbon stainless steel is used to manufacture the blade of the Fox fixed blade hunting knife to protect the blade from rust and corrosion.

This stainless steel is waterproof and the blade remains fixed with the handle.

This hunting knife is multi-colored and made from the best materials to ensure better quality.

The unique Italian design with leather sheath and perfect finish give an extraordinary look to the knife.

The brown micarta handle of the knife is well designed to maintain a comfortable grip and ensure safety.

Blade length6.30 inches
Thickness0.20 inch
Made inItaly


The hunting knife is mainly used to cut and slice animals into pieces after hunting any animal.

Expensive knives can also be used for self-protection, camping, rescuing other people, slicing any food for preparing meals, and so on.

A good hunting knife must be strong enough to pierce through any meat or bone and must have a stain-free blade.

An important thing to consider while buying a hunting knife is the length and shape of the blade.

Many professional hunters consider the length of the blade within 3 inches to 4 inches for easier precision and better control.

For dealing with large animals like- cows and deer, some hunters prefer knives having blade lengths of 5 inches or 6 inches.

Before purchasing any hunting knife you must consider the type of animal you are dealing with.

We think that these knives we suggested above are really worth the price for their most artistic looks and some advanced features.

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