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Top 6 Pocket Knife Storage Ideas in 2021 – Keep Them Arranged


Last Updated on September 4, 2021

We have different types of pocket knives at our home for various using purposes.

But sometimes we fall into difficulties storing these pocket knives.

If you keep your pocket knife here and there, it can be harmful to your children and little ones.

Another problem is;

If you don’t have any proper place or storage case to put these knives, it will decrease the beauty of the inside part of your home.

So, today we are going to discuss a lot of pocket knife storage ideas that will be helpful for you to find a perfect solution.

Here we will show you more than five ideas that may help you to solve your problem.

If you are in a hurry, please check our storage ideas in the following table:

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1. Using a Storage Case

a Storage Case for knife

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You can use a large pocket knife storage case to put your knives. These cases allow you to keep almost 30-40 knives at a time. Storage cases are perfectly designed to store different types of knives.

If you have a good number of pocket knives in your collection, then you must use any case to store them. These cases allow storing comparatively shorter knives these are around 3 inches to 5 inches long.

You can use a butterfly knife storage case and also the others. You can take your whole knife collection easily anywhere you want; either inside or outside of your home.

These cases will protect your knife and will obviously increase the lifetime of your knife. We recommend you to use this storage case mentioned above for a great experience.

2. Using a Pocket Knife Bag

a Pocket Knife Bag

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If you need to move your knives from your home to anywhere else on a daily basis, then you should go for storage bags rather than cases.

These bags can hold almost 12-15 pocket knives altogether and ensures safety at the time of your working, traveling, camping, or anything else.

Using these storage bags outside to carry knives seems smarter than the others. Bags are strong enough to hold your pocket knives and surely decrease the chance of happening any accident.

These modern bags are easy to carry and suitable for any type of pocket knife. The most recommended storage bag is mentioned above.

3. Using Spyderco Small SpyderPac

Spyderco Small SpyderPac

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This tool is quite Impressive and you can put almost 18 pocket knives there. Either you can carry this bag outside to keep your knives safe or you can put your knives there and hang on anywhere at your home.

You can easily view the pocket of this storage tool and can be used for various purposes. You are able to keep your knives far from the little members of your house by hanging it on the upper side of your wall.

That also looks amazing when you will hang it on the wall and can perfectly be introduced with your collection to everyone. So you can go for it without any type of hesitation.

4. Using Storage Folding Knife Roll

Storage Folding Knife Roll

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Are you looking for a pocket knife roll bag for storing? Now we are going to introduce you to a rollable pocket knife display case that can be your solution.

You can put almost 20+ pocket knives in some rows which looks awesome. You may use this knife roll for multiple types of tools; just not only for knives.

But keep that in your mind that you can only put the smaller knife there as the pockets are too small and it’s not well designed for a larger knife.

But rolling your knives looks more gorgeous than putting them on any case or bag. You must try it out as a smarter solution for storing your pocket knives.

This durable knife rolling bag is perfectly designed for your traveling purpose. Make sure to collect this knife rolling bag.

5. Use Leather Roll Up Pouch

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Some issues arise when you need to store larger pocket knives. We suggested some storage methods above but those were only available for smaller knives.

But what to do with the larger pocket knives?
You can use this leather roll-up pouch to store your medium-sized knives and can put almost 10 of your pocket knives.

This leather roll pouch ensures your safety and prolongs the lifetime of your tools. The maximum length of your pocket knife can be almost 8 inches and it can easily be put on this roll bag. The brown color leather of this knife roll is eye-catchy to look at.

6. Knife Storage Cabinet

Knife Storage Cabinet

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Some people prefer to have drawers to store their tools and it is also one of the perfect ways to keep your pocket knife store. The storage cabinet having 3 or more drawers that give you the opportunity to keep all types of knives stored in the same place.

You can use different drawers to put different types of knives to avoid mess up. You can put this cabinet anywhere at your house suggesting you put it in a corner which looks amazing.

You can put almost 180+ pocket knives there. The cabinet is not bearable everywhere. So, you can’t use it for your daily carrying or traveling purposes. But cabinets are one of the best solutions for storing your pocket knives in a long term.

Why it is Important to Keep Your Pocket Knife away from Your Children ?

Pocket knives are multi purposive but you must not allow them to give to someone who doesn’t have the ability to handle it.

Yes, I am talking about your children who don’t know how to use it. If you don’t be aware of this little thing, you may fall into a dangerous situation.

Another thing is that you need to do proper care of your pocket knife to keep it sharpest. Storing is an important fact if you want to keep your knife away from rust.

Proper placement of home tools is quite necessary. So, Why will you create a serious accident by putting these tools scattered in your room?


Keep your house safe and clean by placing all dangerous tools like pocket knives in a remote place. We tried to give you various ideas to solve this problem.

You can purchase any of the products we recommended above. If you still have some issues, then feel free to comment below. We will obviously try to help you through our replies.

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