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Purpose of Tanto blade – Advantages and Disadvantages


Last Updated on April 5, 2021

If you are looking for a blade that can pierce through solid, hard, and tough things, then a tanto blade can be your perfect choice. In this article, we are going to explore the purpose of Tanto Blade.

What are Tanto Blades?

Tanto blades have a super sharp angular tip which is similar to a chisel point. The Cold Steel cutlery company invented and progressed Tanto Blades in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They are inspired by Japanese knives design and famous Japanese craftsmanship.

Tanto blade is so popular and well-known for its strong tip, high-quality pommel, good piercing ability, and some extra-ordinary features. These qualities make the Tanto blade more strong, durable and increase working power.

The design of Tanto Blade

The Tanto blades are mainly designed for a definite purpose which is armor-piercing. They have an extremely sharp point and great for piercing through solid and hard materials. The length of these blades is between 10 inches to 12 inches. The Tanto blade has thick point near the tip which contains a lot of metals in order to make the tip stronger.

The strong point of the blade allows us to cut hard and tough things easily without any extra effort. Tanto blade is differently hardened to increase overall strength and to softer the spine. Hamon is produced at the time of hardening the Tanto blade which gives the blade a classic look.

The purposes of Tanto Blade

Tanto blade is much popular among people for its unique look, overall style, and amazing properties.

  • The main function of the Tanto blade is to pierce through hard materials.
  • Strong purpose like break down boxes and packets.
  • It can be used as a screwdriver to open and close screws.
  • It is used to puncture armors and things.
  • It is used to make holes in hard and tough materials.
  • Tanto blades are used to scrap stickers.
  • It is used to cut rope and thread.
  • They are widely used to slice and dice fruits and vegetables.
  • To peel off the outer covering of foods.
  • They are used for our own safety.
  • It is used to slice meat and bones into pieces.
  • It is used to separate the skin from an animal’s body.
  • It is used to open new bottles.
  • The blade can be used to open cans.

Advantages of Tanto Blade

Some special qualities make Tanto blade different from others. We get some benefits from these unique qualities.

  • The strength is the main benefit of the Tanto blade.
  • The tip point of the blade is super sharp and strong.
  • It can pierce through hard and tough things smoothly.
  • The strong tip gives the confidence to perform hard tasks easily.
  • Tanto blade is made from VG-10 stainless steel and has high heat resistant capacity.
  • The high Tanto point and flat grind make the tip of the blade super sharp.
  • The flat grind and high point of a blade together make a triangular shape which is the strongest shape.
  • The Tanto blade is great to perform slicing and dicing tasks.
  • The shape of the Tanto blade is similar to the shape of a chisel point.
  • The chisel blade point increases strength and durability.
  • The blade‚Äôs point contains a lot of metals to increase strength.
  • This blade is great for self-defense.
  • Chisel blade point contains tanto on one side of the blade and contains pommel on the opposite side.
  • The pommel is designed in such a way that it can resist the opposite effect after piercing through tough and hard materials.
  • The pommel is tapered and made from stainless steel.
  • Japanese knife design and skilled craftsman influence the production of Tanto blades.
  • Tanto blade has a unique design and gives the blade a classical look.
  • Tanto blade may have a single or double edge.
  • The unsharpened edge is connected with the sharpened edge at an angle that helps to stab through hard things.
  • Tanto blades are suitable for everyday carry.
  • In any situation, the blade helps you to fight and keep safe.

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Disadvantages of Tanto Blade

Besides some advantages, the Tanto blade has some disadvantages like other blades.

  • Tanto blade has a lack of a belly on the main cutting edge.
  • It becomes difficult at the time of slicing and performing various cutting tasks due to a lack of belly.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to control the sharp point.
  • All Tanto blades do not have a straight plain edge.
  • Sometimes sharpening is a pain cause you need to sharpen both sides.
  • Tanto blades have two flat edges without any belly.
  • Sometimes Tanto blades are impractical.
  • Tanto blades are not suitable to perform all tasks.

What does Tanto Blade look like?

Tanto Blade looks sharp and pointed at the tip. Tanto points have a flat grind and razor-sharp edge. The pointed sharp tip can stab through hard and tough materials easily. The blade features a trailing edge with a traditional point.

The blade looks plane and has a straight edge. Both the edges of Tanto Blades are sharp. So you can use both the edges for your task. The front edge looks unsharpened at an angle that is not curved.

Different designs of Tanto blades give the blade a unique look. Some have a plain edge, some have curved edges, some have a single bevel blade, some have a double bevel blade, some may have some grooves. There is a lack of sharp-angled edges at the tip.

Origin of Tanto Blade

Tanto blade was originated in Japan during the Heian period to fulfill the demand and necessity of human beings. At that time Fuziwara family was the most powerful and reigning nation. This blade was used as a weapon by Samurai warriors in war. Samurai warriors mainly used katana as a weapon for self defense.

The meaning of the Tanto blade is a short blade. Tanto blade was very much popular among the Samurai class for its medium size and easy to carry. It is also used in many books and films. By using the Hira Zukuri technique Tanto blade is produced.

Modern Tanto Blades

Though Japan is the birthplace of Tanto Blade, modern Tanto blades are known as Western or American Tanto Blade. The modern shape of the Tanto blade is inspired by the design of Japanese knives.

At present Tanto blade is mainly produced in the U.S.A. The length of the American Tanto blade lies between 6 to 12 inches. The shape of the modern Tanto blade has some similarities with the design of Cold Steel.

Some U.S.A Tanto blades have single bevel blades and some have double bevel blades. They produce different types of Tanto Blades based on Japanese design and have some differences in tip.


Sometimes people search for a knife for doing some specific tasks only. If you looking for a knife that can pierce through thick and tough materials easily, then the Tanto blade is your perfect choice.

Tanto blade is popular among people for its great look and strength at the tip. It is specially designed to pierce through thick and hard materials smoothly. To work with hard and tough things Tanto blade will be your perfect choice. So you must keep one Tanto blade with you to perform any type of work.

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