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What happens to your pocket knife if you cut oranges with them?


Last Updated on April 4, 2021

Hey, what happens to your pocket knife if you cut oranges with them? If you don’t know, then this blog is for you. Read till the end, we promise you that you are going to discover something new.

You will find some advantages and also some problems by cutting oranges with your pocket knife. But the amount of disadvantages is much higher than its advantages. Here we are going to discuss both of them.


First disadvantage

Whenever you remove peel from the orange with your pocket knife, the surface will get in touch with your knife directly. Orange peel has the ability to deform steel and can make it more brownish.

Orange peels contain some surface roughing components which can be destructive for the blade if you use your pocket knife to cut oranges daily.

If you cut oranges once a week with your knife and clean it with warm water, it will not create any problems though.

We all know that orange contains acids and it is not a great idea to cut them with your pocket knife. Major problems will create only for regular usage.

But we have invented some perfect solutions for you, by which you can cut oranges with your pocket knife even multiple times a day.


Research shows that if you clean your knife properly every time after cutting oranges, there is no chance (almost 99% case) to become your knife grainy or more brownish.

Wash your pocket knife with hot water using any brushes and then try to make your knife dry by absorbing the water with any type of towel.

Then you can use that oil we mentioned below to care for the blade of your pocket knife. You can also use these products as your knife cleaner and must clean your pocket knife every time after cutting oranges.

Pure Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance Oil

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Second disadvantage

Answer a short question at first. Do you use your pocket knife only for cutting oranges?
The answer will surely be NO.
Here it can create some issues of cross communications that can be dangerous for your health. So, the problem will not only create for cutting oranges, the problem will create only if you don’t clean. So use the products mentioned above to be safe from danger.

Third disadvantage

The third problem creates by the tiny size of your pocket knives. During cutting or slicing, you can directly get contacted with a knife and can fall into injuries. The blade part of your knife is always the sharpest part that can easily make you injured. So always be careful at the time of cutting oranges.


There is nothing in this world that can only be good or only be bad. It remains parallel depending on your usage. Now we are going to tell you the better half of using your pocket knives to cut oranges.

Truly it can be said that sometimes it becomes necessary to use pocket knives because we don’t always have kitchen knives beside us. Rather it’s too easy to remove peels of orange with a pocket knife. The pocket knife is small and too easy to carry and has some great features that can’t be found on kitchen knives.

For some small tasks like cutting and slicing an orange, pocket knives are more effective than using kitchen knives. But be sure to keep your knife clean either it is for increasing the lifetime of your knife or preventing cross-communication which can destructive for your health.


We recommend you to use your best kitchen knives instead of using your pocket knives to cut oranges. We recommend it for two reasons.

Firstly, you use your kitchen knives only for kitchen-related purposes. So, you have less chance to be infected. Another reason is that you can increase the lifetime of your knife if you cut oranges with kitchen knives instead of pocket knives.

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