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What is a serrated knife used for – Unknown revealed?


Last Updated on April 4, 2022

Do you get tired of using your straight-edged general knife? Serrated knives will be an ideal solution for you. A serrated knife performs a thousand times better in some tasks that a straight edge knife cannot. But first, you must understand what is a serrated knife used for!

A serrated knife is generally a saw-shaped knife which is usually known as a bread knife. The teeth of these knives add some special features to perform well. What is a serrated knife used for? Do they serve any special purposes? Today we are going to explore more about these knives.

A serrated knife ensures much clear-cutting on the soft skin of fruits and also hard surfaces like bread. Let’s look at where these particular knives perfectly works.

What is a serrated knife used for

A serrated knife is a knife with a saw-like edge on the blade. Serrated knives are used for cutting bread, slicing tomatoes, and other tasks where a sharp, clean cut is not as important as a sharp, easy-to-control edge.

The serrations on a knife blade are created by grinding or milling notches into the metal. The number, size, and depth of the notches determine how course or fine the edge of the blade will be.

The main advantage of a serrated blade is that it can be easier to control than a straight-edged blade. The saw-like teeth of the serrations grip the food, which can make it easier to slice through tough or slippery items.

The main disadvantage of a serrated blade is that it can be more difficult to sharpen than a straight-edged blade. The teeth of the serrations must be ground down evenly in order to create a sharp, consistent edge.

Serrated knife definition

Serrated knives are knives that have serrated blades and have small teeth like a saw on its edge and ideal for a delicate slice of fruits and vegetables. A serrated knife performs best in some particular tasks. The notching pattern on the serrated blade helps to cut through the hard and soft surface of foods more precisely. It cuts cleanly through crusty bread without breaking it and through the juicy skin of a tomato without crushing it.

Most of the serrated knives are 10 inches long and have straight blades but some have curved blades. The serrated knives are available in three styles- flat, curved, and offset. The flat style serrated blade is the most common style blade used in many knives. The curved style blade slices the bread more effectively. There are mainly two styles of serration- pointed and scalloped. Pointed serration is the most classical and common style of serration founded in the serrated knife.

Uses of Serrated knives

For cutting Tomatoes

A serrated knife is perfectly made for cutting tomatoes as it can cut right through the tomato skin without squashing the tender flesh inside. You can make perfect slices for your platters and sandwiches.

You will experience less juice at the time of pressing out your serrated knife from the tomatoes. Using a straight-edge knife to cut tomatoes may make your knife dull. You won’t get the perfect slice of tomato anyway using straight edge knives. So, always go for the serrated knives to cut tomatoes instead of general knives.

serrated knife for cutting tomato

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For cutting Breads

As we mentioned above, a serrated knife is usually known as a Bread knife because of its perfection of cutting bread in all types of shapes you want. By using this type of knives you can easily go through the hard surface of the bread.

A larger one will help you to cut bread both vertically and horizontally. We recommend you use a larger knife as it can broaden your user experiences.

The teeth of this particular knife ensure low pressure on cutting bread. When you try to cut bread using a straight-edge knife, you may fall into difficulties. Your slice may or may not be perfect. So, don’t think about anything else and go for a serrated knife to cut hard slices of bread.

bread knife

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For removing Pine Apple’s peel

A serrated knife is perfect for removing the peel of a pineapple. It can easily go through the skin of a pineapple. Its teeth part can magically remove the skin away.

You can remove the skin of those other fruits which have tough and uneven skin like pineapple by using this type of knife. Remove the skin with a gentle sawing motion of your knife by rotating on each side of the fruit.

You can slice a red bell peeper easily by using this knife. So, collect the best-serrated knife to have the best experience with removing the tough skin of these fruits.

Serrated knife vs plain edge

A very common question that comes to our mind is whether a serrated knife or plain knife works better for slicing foods. The serrated knife has deeper serrations and an extra pointed tip on the cutting surface.

While plain edge has a plain and sharp cutting surface. This knife is ideal to cut through soft and hard surfaces like- rope, belt. On the other hand, a plain edge knife may slip while cutting rope, belt, or plastic.

A serrated knife may fray while cutting ropes, plastics, and fabrics. While plain edge knife does not fray at the time of cutting fabrics and ropes. This knife does not make clean cuts like a plain edge.

Generally for cutting through the hard and rough surface of any material this particular knife works much better than a plain edge knife. Sharpening a plain edge knife is much easier than this knife.

This knife has teeth like a pointed tip that looks like a saw. While plain edge knife has a flat, simple cutting surface. This and a plain knife both are an important asset for every kitchen. Both the knives work well in specific fields. You must keep both the knives for various purposes in your kitchen.


A serrated knife is not perfect for all types of jobs. In some cases, the straight edge knife is quite better. You should not cut raw meat, cheeses, and other fruits using a this knife.

For these purposes collect a straight edge knife for a better experience. Now you know the better uses of a serrated knife. Hone your knives regularly to prolong the lifetime. Sharp your knife when it becomes necessary. Take care of your knife and enjoy.

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