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What is Pakkawood? Some Amazing Facts


Last Updated on August 16, 2021

Seeing the word “Pakka” in pakkawood we might think this is a kind of wood that comes from a pakka tree. Well, it does not. Actually, it is a human-engineered wooden material that is famous for its strong and ultra-durable qualities. Premium quality knife handles, pool cues, military equipment, utensils, etc are made from pakkawood. Let’s see more about “What is pakkawood actually?” “where and why is it used?” and “How to take care of them?”

What Is Pakkawood?

Pakkawood is a man-made engineered wood/plastic resin (according to some) mostly used to make knife handles and other household stuff also known as stamina and color wood. It is basically plywood and comes in a variable range of bright colors. This material is very dense and durable which makes it water, heat, and moisture resistant. Composite resin wood is the best alternative to normal wood when it comes to durability and the risk of breaking.   


Pakkawood is not like ordinary wood. People form it through various processes to its final look. The forming process starts by selecting hardwood veneers then they are impregnated with thermoset resins. Pakkawood is a kind of wood veneer that consists of several high-quality hardwood layers. 

The layers of pakkawood are pressed, impregnated, sanded, and polished under extreme heat and pressure. As a result, it becomes so strong and durable. Sometimes they are also dyed in bright colors with plastic resins. The method by which it is dyed is the vacuum process. 


Composite woods (pakkawood) look pretty much similar to natural woods. But you will find much more color variation in these woods than in natural woods. You can also change the color of the Pakkawood if you want and you can color it as you like. It is easy to change its appearance and dye it to resemble a variety of natural lumber. 

It can be dyed in the color appearance of oak wood, chestnut wood and walnut trees, and exotic species like zebra wood also. Not only this, with the help of different colors, it is possible to create a rainbow or camouflage design on Pakkawood material to give it a more different and electrifying look.


Pakkawood is more durable and strong and produces dense and heavy products but looks and feels like normal wood. Composite woods are super effective in resisting water, heat, and moisture. 

This kind of material, We mean pakkawood, is really good at holding up knives and other tool handles and compatible with the heat and adverse climate. From its quality to its appearance, all features are very attractive and force people to choose it as the alternative to natural wood in many applications. 

Popular Uses of Pakkawood

Pakkawood is used for so many purposes. For its durability and water-resisting quality, people are obsessed with this wood. It is mostly used to make knife handles, cooking spoons, pool cues, and utensils. Though there are some other uses of it, we will discuss the most common uses. 

For Making Knife Handles

The most common and universal use of pakkawood is to make knife handles and tactical knives. Well, that has a strong reason. As we already know that it has top water-resisting ability, it is more durable and long-lasting. That is why you will see that most of the Japanese and steak knives have pakkawood in the handles. 

Some specific knife brands like Dalstrong knives, Shun cutlery, etc use it in most of their knives. One interesting fact about it is that you can easily purchase it and make a custom-shaped handle for your knife if you love woodworking. It is a great alternative to natural wood (Not so durable). 

In military and tactical knives that are supposed to be strong and durable, the material is used for the handle because of its top durability. So, if you love both the wood-like look and durability, pakkawood handles are legit to have.

For Making Other Kitchen Utensils

Another common example of using pakkawood is in making cooking spoons, spatulas, and other utensils. Sometimes steel-made spoons and spatulas also have the same material in handles. The reason for using this material is its water and heat resistance quality. These qualities make it more sustainable and suitable for use as cooking equipment. 

There are lots of varieties in its utensils and they look very unique as well. The most valid reason for spoons being made of pakkawood is that it does not leave any trace in the pan as well as can be used on non-stick cookware. 

Along with the design, you will get many color variations also in its spoons and spatulas that will help you add some vibrance to the kitchen. The guests will be fascinated and ask you where you get them from.

Pakkawood Pool Cues

Since it is a dense material, Pool cues are made of pakkawood. Pool cue should be made heavily otherwise it can break down quite easily. So it gets heavier due to dense pakkawood material. 

Everyone looks for a cue that is strong and durable and we are sure that you are not an exception here as well. Keeping this tendency of people in mind lots of companies make pool cues with it. They are also known as diamond wood pool cues which you might have known. 

Pakkawood Care & Maintenance

Usually, pakkawood is a strong and durable kind of material that lasts long. But with proper care and maintenance, the lifespan of the handles and utensils made out of it increases. 

Try to polish your pakkawood utensils and knife handles with tung or mineral oil, it’s an excellent way to care. One thing to remember is the oil should be authentic and pure. After applying oil on the handle, leave it to dry completely. Then bluff it with a soft cloth.

One precaution- though it is highly water-resistant, it is not dishwasher safe. Soaking in the water for a long time is not a good practice as it has a delicate layer of wood veneer. We recommend you wash it with your hand and dry it with a soft cloth immediately after use.

Is Pakkawood Good For Knife Handles?

Well, yes, it is really good for knife handles. Telling you the reason. First of all, the material is largely durable, strong, and best looking. And then it is water, heat, and moisture resistant. As you are going to use knives in the kitchen, it is obvious the pakkawood handle will come in close to heat and water. But that won’t affect your knife handle at all. Finally, it can hold up the handle really well and doesn’t get loose.

Why Is Pakkawood So Popular?

Pakkawood provides the same feel and similar appearance as natural wood. But the material is way more durable, good looking, and most importantly largely heat and water-resistant than natural wood. Whereas the natural wood can easily split and warp when exposed to moisture, pakkawood is superior in situations like this. Also, it is highly dense and strong as well as comes in a lot of color variation which makes it so attractive, popular, and the best alternative to natural wood.

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