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When must a knife be cleaned and sanitized – A complete guideline


Last Updated on April 19, 2021

You should have clear ideas about knives’ cleaning and sanitizing to avoid the sickness of you and your family.

Little presence of viruses and bacterias in your kitchen knife can make you sick.

The knife is one of the most using materials in our daily life as we need knives for various purposes.

Do you know when a knife should be cleaned?

If you don’t know, please read the whole blog carefully. We are trying to find the exact solution for you.

1. Clean after buying a new knife

We had to keep it number one because it is the most common mistake that we do. We buy a knife and without cleaning, we start to use it. You must clean your new knife.

As it seems very clean and good looking for a new one but it can really be destructive if you use it without cleaning. Microorganisms like viruses and bacterias can take many lives and we are quite helpless to fight against them.

As a conscious person, you should not do this type of silly mistake. So, wash your knife after buying because the knife has a direct connection with the food that you will eat.

You can use any brush to clean your new knives and other kitchen utensils. At first, you need to wash your knife in hot water and use this brush to make your knife more cleaner.

Then use any type of towel to absorb water from the knife. You can use the following brush because of its strong bristles which can remove dirt easily.

Brush Knife Cleaner

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2. Clean every time before and after using knives

If you use your single knife for various purposes you need to clean every time before and after using it. For example, if you use a knife to cut meat, then you reuse it in cutting vegetables without cleaning; that can be harmful.

Sanitizing that knife every time before reusing is the proper way as there can be harmful microorganisms and germs in your knife. Research shows that 56% of peoples don’t clean their kitchen knife before using that on multi-purposes.

Isn’t it a bad sign of concern to live a healthy life? So, wash your knife before and after making use of it. Before using your knife, you must clean that with any of the brush in warm water (not in a dishwasher).

3. Sanitize your knife after sharpening

You need to sharpen your knife if it becomes flat. If you don’t sanitize your knife after sharpening and use it continuously, then your health will be threatened. It is one of the major problems that we forget to clean after sharpening.

About 20% of knife users don’t clean their knives after sharpening. You must clean your knives after sharpening and it’s also necessary to clean after every honing. Hone your knife within every 7 days and sharp within every 3 months to increase the lifetime of your knife.

4. Clean knives after taking from others

Sometimes it becomes necessary to use others’ knife as you don’t have any. But multiple users using a single knife without cleaning can lead to destruction.

If any of the people use the knife to cut poisonous materials that you don’t know; can make your food poisonous. So it is very important to make the knife clean before using the knife taken from others.

5. Wash your knife for outside usage

The kitchen knife is used in the kitchen especially inside your home. But if you use the knife outside your home then it’s mandatory to clean and sanitize that before reusing.

Sometimes you need to take your kitchen knife outside of your kitchen for other usages. It is better to sanitize them well before and after using them.

Importance of cleaning knives

Attack by germs, viruses, and bacterias is one of the most common issues and a little virus can be dangerous for you and your family.

These micro organism spreads very fast and can be harmful to whole mankind like corona and other viruses. Our world is not the same as what it was before.

Have you ever heard the name of cross communications? If you don’t clean and sanitize your knife properly it can lead you to destruction.

So, It is pretty much important to sanitize your knife properly in the right way before and after using it. Your awareness can protect you and your family from anything happening to be very dangerous.

Specific time to clean your knives

Now the question arises that how often should we clean our knife? The answer to that question depends on your usage and purpose.

If you use more, then you must clean every time before and after using it to avoid cross-communication. We mentioned the five scenarios above follow the instructions that we have given you before.

At the end of the day, nobody wants to make his own food poisonous but lack of awareness can affect us badly.

Taking care of your knife

It is important to take care of your knife to prolong the lifetime. Before using knives for the first time clean them with hot water.

We recommend cleaning the knife by handwashing with gentle or mild soap or mild detergent. Let the knives dry naturally or using a towel before returning them to storage.

Use wooden or polypropylene cutting boards for cutting purposes. Don’t keep your knife in the sink full of soap water. This can damage the knife and also the sharpness of the edge. Use this method for all premium knives like shun knives and others.

Final words

A good quality knife is an essential kitchen tool for every kitchen. The knife is an important cutting tool and it is used for various purposes while cooking.

A knife must be taken care of in order to maximize the lifetime of the knife. Proper cleaning and sanitizing of the knife are essential to prolonging the lifetime of the knife.

The appropriate methods of cleaning and the sanitizing knife have been beautifully described here. By following the above procedure and instructions you can keep your knife germ free and you can also prevent your knife from getting rust.

You must remain careful about the sharp edge of the knife while cleaning and sanitizing it. Safety measures must be taken during using, cleaning, and sanitizing the knife.

The cleanliness of the knife is a very important part of cooking. We provide you with the best ways of cleaning and sanitizing your knife. Hope that these ways will be very helpful to prolong the lifetime of your knife.

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