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Where are Dalstrong knives made? – Know more

Last Updated on August 7, 2021

Dalstrong knives are made and manufactured in a city called Yangjiang which is located in China.

This city is mostly known as the palace of knives.

Dalstrong; a quality brand of making chef knives is now highly praised for their stunning creations.

When was Dalstrong founded?

Dalstrong Brand was founded in 2012. From the beginning, they are serving trustworthy services with their high-quality knives and knives set to meet up the customers’ demand.

Dalstrong knives have a great sharp edge, awesome polished handle, stainless steel blade, and many more extraordinary features. Today Dalstrong is a world-class brand with its high-quality knives like carving knives, kitchen knives, serrated knives, utility knives, and others.

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Is Dalstrong an American company?

Dalstrong is a Chinese brand, not an American brand. All the knives of Dalstrong are made in Yangjiang, China. Many of the Dalstrong users really don’t know its main source and be confused.

Are Dalstrong knives dishwasher safe?

A dishwasher can damage the blade of any knife and can make the sharpest edge dull. So, you can clean your Dalstrong knives in the dishwasher but it will not be a good idea. We suggest you not to keep your Dalstrong knives in the dishwasher to prolong the lifetime of your knife. You can wash your knife manually which will not cause any blade damage.

Is Dalstrong a good brand?

Yes, obviously Dalstrong is a good brand for any type of knife. Some extraordinary features are introduced by this brand and it forced the chefs positively to shift on their brand. Many chefs have switched from another brand to Dalstrong only because of quality. The easy cleaning and sharpening process of Dalstrong knives is another point to attract customers.

You can read the in-depth review of Dalstrong knife to know more about this brand.

Some great features of Dalstrong knives:

  • Perfect design with a smart look.
  • Improving their qualities by years.
  • Supports its customers best.
  • High-quality steels used to make a blade.
  • Long-lasting and strong.
  • Easy to make sharper.

We recommend you use this brand’s knives as we are so impressed with their quality. Dalstrong introduces many high-quality series of knives that can be your top pick.

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