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Work Sharp Knife Sharpener Overview 2022


Last Updated on April 5, 2022

Work sharp knife sharpener is the most popular knife sharpener and probably the best in quality. Work sharp introduces this tool sharpener in some different editions depending on the specific use and demand of the customers.

You can use this knife sharpener with your kitchen knives, pocket knives, tanto blade, hunting knives, bowie knives, etc.

What Makes the Work Sharp Knife Sharpener Best?

User-friendliness is the main thing that we found on this sharpener. You can easily make the blade of your knife sharpest within a shorter period using this tool. This knife sharpener is performing better for its flexible abrasive belts. For shortest knives, you may find some difficulties using this tool but for larger knives; no sharpening tool can be better than this one.

We have researched a lot of knife sharpeners; It can truly be said that a work sharp sharpener is the king of all. In fact, it will save your time and gives you a perfect razor-sharp edge of your blade easily. Simple, quick, and easy management of this tool allows you to sharpen all types of straight and curved knives.

Work sharp knife sharpener

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How to Use Work Sharp Tool?

Step 1

At first, you need to take the knife you want to make sharper and then swipe its blade through the knife sharpening guide slot. Keep the blade at the bottom of the guide slide. Do that slowly and care about your blades.

Step 2

Keep the knife against the guide and maintain the best angle which is going to be suitable for your knife. Go straight and move smoothly.

Step 3

Stop the tip of the knife on the belt and release the power swipes. Continue swiping on the opposite side and be careful of sharpening both sides of your blade.

Step 4

At last-place another belt in it and repeat the procedure perfectly that you have done before.

Bad Things We Discovered

This knife sharpening tool is not fully perfect for your little knives. It works better in a larger knife rather than the smallest one. If you don’t be too careful, then scratch in the blade will be a big issue for you.


Without little issues, it is the best tool to have for any type of sharpening purpose. Belts are easy to change and you can easily make the blades razor-sharp. You must use this fastest knife sharpening tool before using any of the other sharpeners and we also suggest it. Don’t forget to care for this knife sharpener to prolong its lifetime.

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